CSGO developers: “The king of Counter-Strike finally earns his crown”

Natus Vincere did not lose a single map during the Major. The players have written a great deal of the game’s history.

Major competitions are by far the most important on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. Yesterday the players of Natus Vincere wrote their piece of history.

The Ukrainian-Russian formation has not lost a single map throughout the tournament, which has never happened in a competition organized by Valve.

Valve developers congratulated s1mple on Twitter

As you can read in the post below, Valve congratulates the entire Natus Vincere team winning Major in Major, and above all s1mple, who “finally earns the crown”. The point here is that the player himself was and is still considered the best player in the world, but on the list of his achievements, he did not have a tournament of this rank won.

In 2020, ZywOo was called the best player in the world. Especially after the competition in Stockholm, it is very likely that the Ukrainian player will become the MVP of 2021.

It must be admitted that the victory was due to s1mple and the entire Na`Vi team because they were unrivaled in the entire competition. This is the first team in history to not lose a single map during the entire Major.