S1mple’s act of kindness. The CSGO player gifted his winning mouse to a caster whose wife died

S1mple has been gaining a lot of sympathy recently among other players and the CS: GO community.

S1mple has not always been a positive guy. At one time it was hard to say that he was nice. The player was considered rather toxic, who only insults others during the game. Hardly anyone had a good relationship with him.

But that has changed now. S1mple has grown up and represents CS: GO and its team very well on the international stage. This is shown, for example, by the situation with the mouse.

s1mple gave away his mouse

The mouse was given to Banks, a journalist, caster, and definitely one of the most recognizable people on the stage. He is known primarily for commenting on both CS: GO and Valorant’s events.

During CS: GO Major, the caster lost his wife, which was very big and emotional news in the community. Everyone expected Banks to quit his job at Major, but he decided to finish what he had started.

Banks continued his duties, for example interviewing s1mple. The player decided to show how important of an element of the whole CS: GO James is and after winning the final, he gave him his mouse.


Situations like these are certainly refreshing, not only for the CS: GO community but for the entire esports world.