A professional CSGO player completely accidentally found a new place to scan

A professional CS: GO player found a new place to scan rivals by accident.

Professional players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other games enjoy their great skills mainly due to the time spent in the game. By playing, players not only get shooting skills but also learn the game.

A great example is fl0m, who found a new spot on Vertigo to scan opponents by accident.

How to easily scan your rivals on Vertigo?

During an ordinary match, fl0m waited for his opponents on the platform next to BS A. At the same time, he shot at the walls to scan the terrorists lurking around the corner. At one point, he made a completely random shot that eliminated one of the players through a wall. Thus, the competitor found a previously unknown scanning location.


Considering the feedback from the chat and CS: GO community comments on Reddit, most of them were unfamiliar with this place and didn’t know that enemies could be scanned there.

At the moment, this is unknown to most players, so do not be afraid of getting scanned, and it is worth using.