A paradoxical situation with the stickers of one of the CSGO teams. They are worth more than…

The poor situation of Faze Clan’s partnership has led to something that may surprise you.

Virtually everyone knows about the value of older CS: GO stickers that belong to more distinctive teams. One of the most famous cases is Team Titan’s sticker from the 2014 Katowice tournament. The Holo version now reaches a price of $80,000.

Here, however, the situation is slightly different. Despite the fact that the cheapest stickers of the FaZe team are not particularly expensive, as in quite a lot of them their price does not exceed a dollar, further it is higher than the company’s single share.

FaZe share value

Despite the fact that FaZe Clan’s team has been doing quite well, the company has been in a lot of financial trouble. Despite the fact that it was not the first esports and gaming organization to be listed on the Nasdaq, it was one of the loudest in the category.

Just nine months after listing, its price per share fell from $13 to 48 cents. It threatens FaZe with delisting from the Nasdaq if its stock does not improve. FaZe announced a loss of $53.2 million in its first year, despite increasing its value.

Fans have pointed out that FaZe’s Holo stickers sell for a higher price than the company’s stock. The cheapest sticker – Rio 2022 – sells for $0.48. This is the same price as FaZe stock.

The organization in question, however, is not the only one with such problems. Astralis, another esports company with a team in CS: GO, sells its shares at $0.30. Most of their Major stickers also sell well above that amount.

FaZe Clan’s CS: GO team is already one of the most recognizable in the world. With a Major trophy and an Intel Grand Slam, they are seen as one of the best organizations on the scene, while avoiding the company’s financial troubles in the background.