CSGO pros have found a way to make a quick buck from the collapse of their own team

Professional players have decided to invest in the decline of their team.

To make money on CSGO, you don’t have to rely on a team to start performing great. It is also possible to make money, and a substantial sum at that, from its demise. How this is done was shown by the players of Copenhagen Flames.

Knowing what fate awaits their team, they began to buy stickers, which, after the bankruptcy announcement, quickly began to gain popularity and thus their prices increased.

Clever CSGO players

Counter Stike-Global Offensive is not just a regular shooter, but also a game where you can make a considerable fortune on weapon skins or just stickers. The latter gain enormous value if the team disappears from the world of e-sports. This was the case with IBUYPOWER, and after the team broke up after accusations of match-fixing, the price of stickers skyrocketed.

Knowing this, Copenhagen Flames players decided to invest in those representing their team. Once they did, the next day they were declared bankrupt and CPHFlames ceased to exist. Thus, there will be no more new stickers with their logo.

Did it pay off for them? The sticker price skyrocketed 100% but the next day it dropped. In the long run, it will continue to rise anyway, and in a few years, it may turn out that they made a good investment.