New Steam beta introduces revised CSGO server browser and sniper sight

The beta of Steam added some interesting novelties. Some actually were to be found in CS: GO, others not necessarily.

The new Steam update introduced a few changes because it’s hard to talk about novelties here. In addition to this, it is possible to easily set the sight for the sniper. Apparently, this option is not some incredibly useful – it can be done with commands after all, but now it is easier.

In addition, the appearance and, more specifically, the interface of the server finder, which can be accessed from within Steam, has been changed. In general, people rate this as a positive change, although it is not used very often.

A Steam and CS: GO update

The first thing is the new UI of the server browser. If anyone has been using this, they will surely be happy. Just switch yourself to the beta version of Steam and it should appear:

The second issue is the sight of snipers. At this point, most monitors already have the option to enable the sight in the middle of the screen, so for some players, it won’t change much, but as Reddit users write – there will definitely be someone who will use it. It could also be triggered by commands, now it’s just easier.

However, there is a chance that this will be withdrawn. After all, it doesn’t look like a planned thing, but an add-on that was once supposed to make its way into the game.