This skin in CSGO costs more than 6 thousand because the pattern on it resembles a woman’s…

One of the skins in CS:GO is currently reaching a very high price an abstract reason.

This is definitely one of the strangest cases when it comes to skins in CS: GO. The price of this skin for Five-SeveN with a particular arrangement of graphics has skyrocketed. Currently, its price exceeds more than 1000 euros.

Why can it be sold at such a high price? Well, it’s about a certain, rather unusual niche among CS players.

This skin for CS: GO resembles…

This skin can have many combinations, while here it is strictly about the one marked as 909. It is its shape that is supposed to be the special one. It’s possible to get some very nice money out of it.

If you have a skin in your inventory, you can sell it. There is a lot of interest in it – especially since the topic has now gone viral.