That’s how long you wait these days for a game in Counter-Strike 2. Valve needs to do something about it

Is it currently worth having access to Counter-Strike 2? Frankly: no.

Valve must see that hardly anyone is playing CS2 at the moment. The most reasonable explanation for the lack of another wave of invitations is to fix all sorts of bugs. After all, it’s hard to think of any other reason because of which the developers seem to have forgotten that they have a second part of the game.

When CS2 was announced, everyone was incredibly excited – Valve is awake and things are changing. Well, yes and no. There has been no news regarding Counter Strike 2 for a good few weeks now.

How long are the queues for the server?

One screenshot appeared on the web with the length of the queue to the server, i.e. to search for a match. At first, everyone thought it was a mistake, but more people said that’s how it currently looks.

Counter-Strike 2 was a wait of nearly 6 hours for any match to be found. At first, matches were found in 1-3 minutes, then this deteriorated to 10-20 minutes. Then it jumped to a couple of hours.

Players declaring that they have access write that they played for about 2 weeks. After that, it lost its meaning altogether, because somewhere after a dozen days the servers were shining with emptiness. And today it’s hard to find a game at all.