Verification with ID to play CSGO. No, this is not a joke

Would you give up your ID in exchange for no longer running into trolls or cheaters? That vision is about to come true.

CS: GO has been trying to deal with trolls, or cheaters, for years. At some point, everyone, including Valve, simply gave up. No one is counting on the introduction of Valorant’s equivalent of Vanguard anymore. Something has moved, however.

It looks like CS: GO players will soon be given a choice between verifying their identity or playing with trolls. Faceit came up with the idea of verification. It doesn’t apply to the game as a whole, but to the platform, which, through verification, is supposed to ensure fair gameplay, devoid of cheaters.

Verification with proof of identity

As we read on social media, in order to play on Faceit you will have to confirm your identity. Earlier it was said that this could be mandatory. Now it is known that it is optional.

It is not yet known when exactly this will go in, but according to assurances it is supposed to be a system that is honest and can recognize whether someone is actually sending a real proof or another document.

The question is how many people will be willing to send their ID card to be processed by a “third-party company” based in another country. If there are any problems, it will be incredibly difficult to assert one’s rights.