If you have a processor from this company, you will have problems with CSGO. What do you need to do?

Masses of players complain about the same thing – minor, very subtle lags in CS: GO. The main factor linking them all? The processor.

For the past few days, there has been a discussion on the web regarding the processors of a particular company that causes problems in CS. This is a classic example of something you don’t see until you pay attention to it. These are small, very short lags during normal gameplay.

There are more and more topics, so it is worth writing what is the matter. Especially since the players seem to have found a solution.

On these processors CS: GO lags

It’s all about the processors from AMD. The Ryzens have some weird problems, which fortunately are easy to fix. How? First, update the drivers. Next, the entire BIOS. That’s all it takes to make the problems go away.

The fact that this is indeed an “issue” is even reported by AMD itself in its official communications.

How to do it? You go to the official website of your motherboard and download the update. You win this one on USB, go into the BIOS, and upload the update. This is not some complicated thing – tutorials on Youtube will explain the matter in 2 minutes.

If that doesn’t help, then it’s worth considering poking around in the options of CS: GO or Discord. Some time ago there was a notorious issue with DC, which likes to eat up more resources than it should.

CS: GO has a wide variety of problems that, to this day, have not been fixed. Some, however, are fortunately fixable in a fairly straightforward manner.