A G2 employee “blackmails” Valve about CSGO stickers and makes his “threats” come to life

The CSGO community is demanding Valve add stickers to the game. A G2 employee began to “blackmail” developers.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developers are delaying adding stickers with the autographs of players who participated in the Major in Stockholm. The community seems to be impatient already, with some people expressing their irritation on Reddit and on social media, and some just making jokes. A G2 employee “blackmailed” the developers in this case.

How did a G2 employee “blackmail” Valve?

A G2 employee wrote a special message to Valve on social media under the company’s profile, which read:

You leave us no choice CSGO. Release autograph stickers or the chicken gets it.

In another Valve post, things got definitely “more serious”. A G2 employee threatened that the next shot at the chicken would not be missed:


Valve finally decided to respond to G2 by asking if they praised NiKo for his great performance at Major. The organization’s profile wrote this publicly and expected Valve to release stickers after that:

Valve replied with a gif that said “it doesn’t work that way.” G2 finally decided to follow through on their threats and liquidate the chicken:


It looks like G2’s actions could actually help, as Valve’s developers finally added the autograph sticker capsule that gamers so much desired.