CSGO players laugh that this is what Inferno looks like, which Valve forgot about at one point

Inferno is one of those maps that doesn’t get much support. So it didn’t take long for the community to talk about this openly.

Some maps in CS: GO are updated much less frequently than the rest. Inferno has long been considered forgotten. Changes to this location in recent years can be counted on the fingers of one hand. This is why a meme related to Inferno has appeared in the community.

A few years ago, players created forgotten versions of maps. It turned out really well, but hardly anyone had heard of it at all. Now, thanks to one of the themes on Reddit, the topic has come back to life.

Old Inferno

Almost immediately, there was a proposal to create a new operation with such versions of the maps, but of course, it will not be implemented. Players can only dream, which is a pity because it could be really interesting.

You can see that this version has a lot of potential, which, however, will not be used. The map was created in 2014 and has been receiving very positive reviews since then. Sadly, this concept has never made it through to Valve.