A feature from previous CS installments that players would really like to see in Counter-Strike 2

What do fans of older CS installments miss about its latest release?

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular and at the same time, the oldest released series of online games. Many productions that came out introduced some sort of novelty. One of them was a moving mouth that reacted to what the selected player said. Fans started mentioning this feature on Reddit and the entry gained significant popularity in a relatively short time.

Moving mouths in CS 2

Character mouths that moved when the player used a microphone to communicate with others are one of the very distinctive elements of previous CS installments. Over the years, there have been many amusing clips that have garnered millions of views, and their key element was the character’s mouth that interacted with the words the player pronounced.

The topic was brought up by user Harucifer, who wrote that he wouldn’t forgive Valve if the studio didn’t add moving mouths to Counter-Strike 2. He went on to give several examples, which included a video titled “ROFL Leet Terrorist Dance.”

Note – the video is really loud, so it is recommended to turn down your volume before turning it on.


There have been quite a few comments about the feature in question. Many fans simply miss the old CS and the funny situations they associate with it.

I remember when someone ragged or insulted others, I laughed a lot just because of the mouth movements. Please bring them back!

There’s also a lot of talk about animations that are hard to compare to those that would have to appear on the complex models of today’s CS characters. Some commentators would like to keep the funny-looking black spot that was simply a mouth in older installments, while others are talking about detailed animations that would look realistic.

At this point, Valve has not commented on the subject, and it is rather difficult to expect the implementation of this relatively complex feature. However, a sizable portion of the community would certainly appreciate its introduction, and CS itself would gain an element that has contributed to the series’ popularity in the past.