Valve has saddened CSGO players, who expected a long-loved feature to be included in CS2

CS 2 developers on shared voice chat.

Voice chat is an extremely important tool in Counter-Strike. It allows you to quickly share information with other team members at a time when response time matters. This one was found in previous installments of CS and was also not missing in the latest CS 2. CS:GO, however, introduced the option of voice communication with opponents at selected moments of the match.

Of course, this was not used to convey information, and all that could be heard at the time was the ever-present chaos. Some people loved this brief moment of each match, and they miss it in the latest installment of the shooter from Valve. A statement on the subject appeared on official social media.

What is the position of the developers?

Counter-Strike 2 is currently a really high-profile topic. Valve’s upcoming production and successor to one of the most popular representatives of its genre is being talked about practically everywhere.

There is a lot of interest in the fundamentals of gameplay, such as maps and weapons, but there is also no shortage of questions about other aspects of the game. One of them is the shared voice chat with opponents, which was available in particular parts of the game. User DonHaci writes that this is the one thing he will miss in Counter-Strike 2, posting a video from iDexFPS that summarizes the chat in just over a minute.

The developers responded to this comment by briefly writing “no,” at the same time dispelling any doubts about the appearance of shared voice chat with opponents. Thus, in Counter Strike 2 it will not be possible to chat with opponents during breaks and at the end of the game.