Why are players with VAC bans in CSGO getting access to the Counter-Strike 2 beta?

Valve allocated access to the beta not only to people who have a very good reputation. Banned players have also been invited.

Those with a VAC ban on CS: GO are not allowed to participate in the Counter-Strike 2 beta, so the question arises, why were they given access at all? Well, the answer is quite simple, but it also shows that Valve did not verify this at all.

So there are no “red flags” next to accounts with VAC bans. These people can’t play, but there’s nothing stopping them from getting access to the CS2 beta.

Being banned and Counter-Strike 2 beta

Why do people with bans get access, but people with a bad reputation don’t? The reason is simple. Valve automatically granted access to anyone who was at a Major, apparently recognizing that these are the people who should be allowed to test CS2.

Does it make sense? Yes and no. Apparently, it didn’t make sense from a developer’s perspective to implement a system that would automatically eliminate people with VAC bans from getting invitations.