A CSGO player who was very lucky. He won “one of the funniest” clutches in his life

Such clutches in CS: GO are really rare. Lots of luck and inattention of the opponents were enough.

One of the Counter-Strike community: Global Offensive posted a video of his gameplay on Reddit, in which he wins “one of the funniest and most thrilling clutches” in his life. This one actually turned out to be quite funny, and all because of the inattention of the opponents and a lot of luck.

What did this clutch look like that the player called it one of the funniest?

In the clip below you can see the whole situation. It looks really interesting because the opposing players were simply inattentive.

The player literally walked in front of the opponent’s face without even noticing him. The three remaining rivals probably decided to look for an anti-terrorist all over the map, instead of expecting him on the BS. Therefore, he quickly defused the bomb and won the round.


This only shows that in CS: GO you need to be careful throughout the round, regardless of your advantage over your opponent. Valve’s FPS is very unpredictable and the unexpected can happen at any moment.