CSGO players get invitations from random people en masse. How to defend yourself against it and why is it happening?

For several days there has been a kind of “attack” on CS: GO players. Many people complain that they receive invitations from complete strangers.

Something like this already happened a few years ago and is now coming back with double strength. Someone has insisted on inviting a whole lot of people. It always looks the same – you get spam invitations from someone you can’t even accept them from.


What is it and how to protect yourself from it?

What is this all about? This is done to advertise the most common cheats. People spam invitations this way to advertise something. Fortunately, this can be easily defended against.

How to protect yourself against it? Just use the command:

cl_invites_only_friends 1

If you haven’t received these invitations yet, it’s not worth bothering with it, but when you start getting them, it will be hard to survive without this command.