There are fewer cheaters in CSGO than you might think. The problem is actually the ranking system

The CS: GO community often complains about cheaters in ranked games, but the problem is not the cheats but the ranking system.

Especially at lower ranks, you can very often experience “you’re a cheater” insult. Most people think that Valve’s FPS doesn’t have an effective anti-cheat. In fact, the real problem could be with the ranking system, as many community members confirm.

What is the problem with the CS: GO ranking system?

One Reddit user, using the name “dionysusxpam”, wrote an entry in which he describes his history of Counter-Strike games. It clearly shows that FPS has considerable problems with the ranking system, and more specifically with the appropriate assignment of ranks to the skills of individual players.

In the later part of his post, the player tells that he has not voluntarily turned into a smurf, ruining the game of the opposing teams, who thought he was simply cheating. Moreover, advancing to the next ranks was extremely time-consuming, despite scoring many wins in a row.

The author of the post pointed out that he is not an exception. In ranked games, there are definitely more such players who were at a high level in the past, but because of the ranking system, they are in much lower ranks now.

This entry is really valuable and worth taking into account. Perhaps the real problem lies not in the mass of cheaters, but in a bad design of the ranking system.