This player creates candy in the shape of Pokemons. The effect is really cute

One Pokemon GO fan regularly shares sweets modeled after the famous pocket creatures with the community.

Sweets, cakes, or decorations for coffee and drinks? No problem for this artist. For years she has been creating sweet decorations related to Pokemon GO creatures. Even more – the author matches her wares to current events in the game. For months she has published cookies and candies stylized, for example, on the characters of the current Community Day.

The gallery of her works is really huge, so it is worth seeing at least some of them. Probably more than one fan of pocket creatures wanted such sweets to hit the stores.

Sweets from Pokemon GO

The artist who creates sweet decorations with Pokemon GO works under the pseudonym Miscellaneousmao. Gloria, as her name is, is a talented confectioner who is also a huge Pokemon GO fan.

For years she has been sharing her work on Twitter, Instagram, and on Reddit. Her posts are usually linked to a specific event in Pokemon GO, such as Community Day. Cookies, cakes, and even stylized coffee or drink decorations are prepared for the occasion.

Everything looks incredibly adorable, and fans of the title regret that similar sweets can’t be bought in stores. Miscellaneousmao’s gallery is really huge, as the artist has been actively posting for several years. In fact, it’s hard to count all her works and how many Pokemons she has depicted in a sweet version.

As you can see, the designs for sweets, cakes, and sweet decorations are really abundant. And it’s hard to believe that practically any Pokemon can be depicted in such a creative and probably tasty way. It remains to wait for more interesting projects to be created for upcoming Pokemon GO events.