The list of August Field Research in Pokemon GO. What prizes can you get this time?

What can be obtained for completing August Field Research tasks in Pokemon GO?

The second month of vacation has started, so new interesting attractions have appeared in Pokemon GO. It is already known what will be the reward for Research Breakthrough, who will be the hero of August Community Day, and what Spotlight Hours will take place in the coming weeks.

The time has come to announce the awards for Field Research. What Pokemon will you be able to receive and what do you need to do to complete each task?

Field Research in August

First, it is worth remembering what Field Research is. This is the type of randomized tasks after spinning a PokeStop. You can receive one such task per day from a specific PokeStop. The tasks are the same for all trainers on a given day.

So what is the Field Research roster, which will be available in August? One of the players has prepared a graphic showing the list of Pokemon that will appear as part of these tasks in the current month.


As you can see, August will offer players a lot of interesting rewards. There have been several articles outlining other news that hit the game this month.

Other attractions planned for August: