One Overwatch 1 player counted how much he would spend on all his skins in Overwatch 2

One of the players decided to do a simple experiment. He calculated how much he would have to pay for all his cosmetic items.

In Overwatch 1, players acquired a whole bunch of cosmetic items, for which they paid as much as they spent for their copy of the game. Overwatch 2 relies on a completely different set of rules – in some situations they will work out for the community on the plus side, in others on the minus side.

One Reddit user counted how much money he would have to spend to buy his all cosmetic items from the one. In total, he’s talking about skins, but also emoticons, winning poses, or dialogue lines.

How much money is that?

“RevJoystick” had a total of as many as 254 legendary skins, 138 epic skins, and 127 rare skins. On top of that, there were more than 200 emoticons, a similar number of winning poses, 133 play presentations, and 980 dialogue lines. The conversion rate used by the player was 100 points per $1.

The total came out to more than $10,000. An amount that is really unrealistic. There are such voices in the comments:

Of course, this should be treated simply as a curiosity, something that doesn’t particularly affect Overwatch at the moment, but could be important in the long term.