New characters in Overwatch 2 will have to be acquired through a combat pass. Kiriko – new support

Kiriko is a new character that will be coming to Overwatch 2. Players who keep up to date with OW2 news are well aware that several people have already hinted it, and Kiriko herself has appeared in several leaks.

Overwatch 2 is getting closer and closer. Unfortunately, contrary to the expectations of gamers, there is still total silence online about it. Blizzard has admittedly held a special meeting with YouTubers and streamers, but the fruits of this will only be seen in some time.

Until then, the most important thing can be written. A new character that will appear in Overwatch 2 will be Kiriko. She is a new support heroine who turns out to be a fox.

New characters in the combat pass

From Blizzard’s official announcement we can read that the new character is indeed Kiriko. In addition, it also appears here that Battle Pass holders will receive this heroine right away.

Blizzard will never learn how to communicate, so of course, there were a bunch of understatements and questions. It’s amazing that the people responsible for these posts are completely incapable of predicting what will happen after the release of such news.

Players perceived it to mean that new characters would have to be bought. Who would have expected this to happen…. that’s why on one of the Twitter profiles there was an explanation of the confusion. Characters in OW2 will be free, but they will have to be unlocked on the free combat pass path.

That is, in short: Blizzard will either give these characters on the first level of the pass, or you will have to grind. Of course, it’s unclear whether the characters will be on the first level or the last. It may turn out that everyone will unlock it fairly quickly.