Don’t do it in Overwatch 2 or you’ll lose money. Blizzard doesn’t want to refund cash for this bug

Overwatch 2 still suffers from several problems that are not solved. This is one of the strangest.

Players of many online productions had a similar problem. All due to the fact that when buying cosmetic items, there was no proper button to confirm the desire to buy a skin, emoticon, etc. For example, only recently Epic introduced something like confirmation, and Fortnite is already a few years old.

Evidently, it would also be useful in Overwatch 2. Players say that the game, for some reason, sometimes misreads their intentions when they are in the skins menu. The effect of this is that they sometimes spend money on things they don’t want.

Serious bug in Overwatch 2

One player described his case when he used text chat while in the skins menu. Overwatch 2 incorrectly recognized that the player wanted to buy a skin.

Many people agreed with him, whether on Reddit or on the official forum – the chat in Overwatch 2 does strange things. Stranger in this case, however, is Blizzard’s behavior. The studio responded to the player by saying that it would not refund the spent currency.

The player somehow did not spend much, while it is easy to imagine someone actually buying something of value, although not intending to do so at all. The advice of a Reddit user is simple.

It’s worth knowing this so you don’t spend money unnecessarily. This is probably not intentional on Blizzard’s part, and it would be naive to think that the studio did it on purpose, while the lack of returns is certainly surprising in this situation.