Why are Illagers really catching Allays? A theory that sheds a very different light

What do Illagers use Allay – a cute creature that can accompany the player – for?

Mob Vote is a smaller event that takes place during every Minecraft Live. In 2022 the winner was Sniffer, and in 2021 Allay, which competed against Glare and Copper Golem. The creature was to be characterized by collecting items for the player and dancing around jukeboxes.

It eventually made its way into the game and did not find many uses there, but it was not completely forgotten by fans of the game. There are also theories about them, one of which is why the Illagers are holding them captive near guard towers.

What do the Illagers do with the Allays?

Allay can be found in two places – one is cages near watchtowers, and the other is forest estates inhabited by Illagers. In both cases, the creature is trapped and waiting for rescue, which can only come from the player. This has prompted more inquisitive fans, who have added a theory. Why are the Illagers actually tying up Allays?

A user with the nickname IExist0fficial shared his thoughts. What would the Illagers use the friendly creature for?

After an Allay is captured, it is sent to a mansion where Evokers try to turn them into immortality totems. A failed attempt would end with the birth of Vex, a flying sword creature resembling Allay, who is summoned by an Evoker.

Minecraft developers reported that Allay was ultimately meant to appear naturally in forests, but the approach with watchtowers and forest estates was meant to emphasize Allay’s character as the player’s companion.