Sad news about Minecraft update 1.20. But we could have expected it

Yesterday Mojang showed off a new cherry biome. At the same time, something that many people expected was confirmed.

The cherry biome is a highly anticipated addition that will finally appear in Minecraft. The special trees, structures and unique atmosphere is something players have had to wait a few nice years for.

That’s the end of plans for 1.20

Mojang, along with the announcement of the new biome, concurrently ends the release of news for this update.

Players around the world are hoping that there is something else hidden in there after all, which the developers don’t want to talk about at the moment, while the chances of that are rather low. Of course, Mojang might surprise, but it’s hard to bet on it at the moment.

Rather, they could be things in addition to those announced, for example, new features related to archaeology, a new biome, etc. On the other hand, even yesterday there were leaks of new plants that Mojang has not yet mentioned.