Minecraft leak shows a new type of plant that “breaks the rules” with its size

Leakers have shown what the new types of plants that will soon appear in Minecraft look like.

Minecraft will soon get new plants that break the game in some ways. At first glance, they look like just a nice addition. Especially since, as the leaks show, the plants are to be in 3D – lately, Mojang really likes to add some depth to its production.

In total, two types of new plants have been revealed. One standing on the ground, and the other on vertical surfaces. Both have several stages of growth.

New plants in Minecraft

The person responsible for the leak is “Roger Badgerman” – he has previously correctly reported on Sniffer, so he can rather be trusted.

What is so unusual here? It turns out that the base of the plants does not take up the entire block. Normally, one grid is 16 pixels by 16 pixels. Meanwhile, this particular plant is only 13 pixels wide.

This means so much that it does not occupy a full grid. You can see this even in this graphic, where the stone block should normally connect to the one from the plant. Yet there is a small gap there, having exactly 13px.

It will look really strange, although the developers probably know very well what is the idea behind the addition.