What does the abomination that resulted from the combination of the Iron Golem and the snowman in Minecraft looks like?

A creature that would single-handedly defend an entire village from a huge horde of zombies.

Minecraft players are really creative and have proven it many times, posting online both beautiful buildings and, for example, texture packs or data packs that can significantly change what Mojang’s production looks like.

It’s also not uncommon to see clips that can amuse Minecraft fans in various ways. This time one of the players decided to create a creature that is a combination of Iron Golem and snowman. What does the “new” mob look like?

Iron Golem combined with a snowman

The Iron Golem is a creature whose job is to defend the village. He can often be found in settlements, but nothing prevents you from building one yourself. All you need is 4 blocks of iron and a carved pumpkin for the mob to appear in place of the blocks you put up.

The golem is one of two creatures that players can build. The other is a snowman, which with the aforementioned mob shares a pumpkin head. Most likely, it is for this reason that a user with the nickname Sinbad1999 came up with the idea of combining them. What does the abomination created by him look like?


Due to the fact that both mobs have been armed by Mojang with an attack that targets enemy creatures by default, the combination of golem and snowman can also be seen in the ability of the new “Sniron Golem.”

The golem tosses a mob, and snowballs attack it in flight with alarming speed. You have to admit that the user-created creature is really strong, and although it looks inconspicuous, it would be able to defend a village.