What appeared in Minecraft’s April Fools’ Day update? New features released on the occasion of April 1

What’s interesting about Minecraft’s April Fools’ Day update?

April 1 is a day when making jokes is the order of the day, and this is also noticeable in the gaming industry. Minecraft developers are in the habit of creating a special update in which ridiculous or even absurd things are added, such as portals to other dimensions, each of which was unique. What did Mojang decide to surprise fans with this time?

The Vote Update

Minecraft’s official social media has been abuzz about a specific update to The Vote Update. The sandbox’s developers have taken a ridiculous approach to the annual voting theme that has become a tradition and taken it to the next level, making it so that voting can touch everything.

From the moment you start a game, you will find yourself in a world of endless voting, where the results fundamentally change the laws of Minecraft. As you might have noticed in the video, we have created a fine selection of voteable features that include everything and anything: beelloons, French mode, zombie mode, rabbit transformation, exploding pistons, haunted world – and much, much more.

In the announcement video, the narrator revealed that the developers have been working on this snapshot since early 2017. After creating the world in this snapshot, players join an endless voting process. Fans can respond via a GUI that can be accessed by pressing V.

New blocks and objects

  • Cheese: Can be found on the moon dimension
  • Bottle of mob: Allows players and mobs to morph
  • Potion of Small: Decreases entity size
  • Potion of Big: Increases entity size
  • Air blocks: Can be unlocked through voting. Once unlocked, it can be crafted using four empty glass bottles. Players can use it to fill cows with air to make them baloon cows or refill air on the moon.
  • Packed Air: It can be crafted using nine airs to permanently fill the player’s breath when standing in it. Players can place it on the moon in closed rooms.
  • Copper sink: Needs to be unlocked through voting, and then it can be crafted using seven copper blocks. Players can use it like regular cauldrons, but it cannot store lava or powdered snow.
  • Copper spleaves: Generates on the moon as part of the lunar base structure.
  • Other portal: Needs to be unlocked through voting or can be directly placed using the /setblock command.
  • Pickaxe block: This has to be unlocked through votes and can then it can be crafted.
  • Place block: It is craftable and can be used to place blocks in front of it.
  • Bottle of Void: Unlocked through voting and can be used to obtain Bottle of Entity.
  • La Baguette: An edible french bread that can also be used as a weapon.
  • Ruby: Re-added after ten years and has to be unlocked through votes. Replaces emeralds with rubies upon activation.


A new variety of cows called moon cows have been added and can be found in the moon dimension. This mob walks backward and drops glass bottles, bones and cheese when it dies.

The bottles of mob allow players to store mobs in a bottle. Players can morph into a stored mob by drinking the contents of the bottle. The effects of the object can be reversed with the bottle of void.

Also added is a mob called Ray Tracing, which can spawn after voting. It is a humanoid mob that tours the world and sends random messages in the chat window.

Moon dimension

An entirely new dimension has been added, which can be accessed by voting for proposals that increase the size of the moon. Voting for this proposal three times will increase the size of the moon to the point where its gravitational forces begin to pull units away from Earth.

Eventually, the player will end up in a lunar dimension where the ground is made of a new block of cheese, moon cows spawn, and moon rovers and bases generate. Gravity here, as expected, is lower, so players can jump higher than usual and do not receive fall damage.