One Minecraft player showed how a character can hide an additional message

A hidden message can be placed behind virtually any sign. How to take advantage of it?

Storytelling is something that can be experienced in Minecraft in many ways. A huge part of the community loves to build entire towns or villages with a sense of life. A big part of this is the really small details, which can be the decoration of a house or pathways or the characters in question. Hiding a message on the other side of a sign can allow you to include an interesting clue also in maps where the player’s goal is to escape. What does it look like in practice?

Signs with hidden messages

A user nicknamed DrDonnn shared a short clip showing him posting a message on one of the signs. Moments later, he approaches it, and when he clicks on it a second time, a different text appears.


Getting as close to the sign as possible allows you to edit its other side. This allows you to hide 4 lines there, which you can’t see if you don’t know this simple trick. Map makers can cleverly use this trick, to suggest something with the first message, and put the clue on the other side.

It is worth remembering that the sign should not be on an incomplete block or glass if the additional message is to be hidden. In this case, the message will not be hidden, but will simply be visible from the back of the sign.