The worst possible deaths in Minecraft? How did these players die?

Deaths in Minecraft that were virtually impossible to prevent. What did they look like?

Minecraft is a survival game, and consequently, survival is a key element of gameplay. Despite the fact that players have become familiar with Mojang’s production and usually know very well what to expect, however, there is no shortage of situations in which they were surprised by something.

One player decided to publish a short clip of his death in Minecraft. He wrote that it was his worst death in 6 years of playing Mojang’s production. What exactly happened there?

Players’ bad luck

Minecraft has a randomly generated map, so even though players know what to generally expect when exploring the game world, a situation can happen that can take you by surprise. Exactly something like this was shown in a short video by user elementalkid22, who decided to enter the Nether. The transition to the other side and what happened right after was not something he expected.


There have been quite a few voices in the comments, saying that danger should be expected at any time. Proof of this is the video of another player, who also shared a situation that happened to him.

Nether is not a player-friendly land not only because of the sizable number of mobs, but also the unique world generator, which is much more chaotic, and huge oceans of lava can be found all around. So returning to the overworld should be the moment when you can finally breathe a sigh of relief and consider that the danger is behind you. MOOYismydad shows, however, that even then one should remain vigilant, although in this situation absolutely nothing could have been done to prevent the unfortunate event.


Many players mention that this could have been avoided by hiding the portal a bit better, cordoning it off or at least lighting it to prevent creatures from spawning near it. Also mentioned was the short immortality, which works right after loading the world – according to players, it should also be activated when passing through portals.