Mojang quietly removed it from Minecraft. Most people completely missed it

Minecraft’s potions have received a change that has mixed feelings among players. What did the developers improve?

Despite the fact that Minecraft is not a new game, it continues to receive patches and new content, so frequent revisits to the game by its veterans can always surprise them if an update has been released in the meantime. Mojang tests the released new features in snapshots, which regularly hit the community. The test versions also include changes to content that is already in Minecraft.

It is already known about some of the new features that are planned for the next full version of Minecraft – 1.20. In the meantime, however, there are smaller updates to 1.19, the latest of which is 1.19.4. Among other things, there is one subtle change to the game that some players may have missed. What exactly happened to potions?

Potion texture fixes

Potions are a really important part of Minecraft. They are able to significantly improve the player’s abilities in both combat and exploration. They can provide good visibility in completely unlit caves and extend the time you can spend underwater without having to get to the surface.

They are also an invaluable aid when fighting a dragon or Wither, as they can both make the player deal more damage and take less of it.

OpenSauce04 user noted that the potions have lost their appearance, which gave them a character that matched the enchanted items.

Many fans would like the return of the unique effect. Although they do not care for them to remain exactly the same, they admitted that the new look of the potions simply does not suit them.

The change has already made its way to the full version of Minecraft, and it’s unlikely that the developers will back out of it. However, it is possible that the community’s feedback will be heard, and in future versions, the developers will add new effects for potions.