A surprising goal of one Minecraft player. He decided to catch every possible tropical fish. How’s he doing?

More than 2,000 unique fish in one place. A unique player’s achievement.

Minecraft is a game that has been expanded by developers for more than 10 years, and as a result, there are really a lot of activities in the game, and many players set some goals. Quite a few of them boil down to building and focusing on the survival aspect, but there is also no shortage of other activities, such as creating elaborate layouts with Redstone or earning achievements.

One player, however, had a completely different idea, which may surprise you – he decided to get every possible tropical fish that exists in the game, and there are really a lot of them.

Every variant of tropical fish

In Minecraft, you can get a lot of different items while fishing, and certainly the one you can expect the most is fish. You can distinguish several types – cod, salmon, blowfish, and tropical fish, which come in many patterns and colors.

They can have 2 different shapes, 6 patterns, 15 basic colors, and 15 pattern colors. Due to the fact that the color black is not found in them in nature, as such a fish would be difficult to spot, 2,700 different tropical fish can be encountered in the game.

The number is really large, and it would be difficult to imagine finding literally every one of the fish. However, a user with the nickname pqroxysm decided to take on this task and tries to collect all possible variants of tropical fish.

I have collected 90% (2430/2700) of all tropical fish variants in survival, still a long way to go!


It must be admitted that the task the player has undertaken is not the easiest. He has already collected more than 90% of the fish, and although at the very end, it will be the most difficult to complete the mission, the current progress is already impressive enough.