The only time a spider web in Minecraft came in handy. How did it save one of the players?

Who would have expected that a spider web could save a life in Minecraft?

There are quite a few items in Minecraft, and some of them are used by players more often than others. Many of them are also seen as practically useless by the fact that they have not found their use.

One of them is the spider web, which can be found mainly in mines near spider spawners. It is usually just an obstacle that makes it difficult to pass through a tunnel, but in this case, it saved one player’s life.

How did the spider web help?

A user with the nickname helioss28 decided to share a clip that depicts a situation that happened to him when he was traversing a mine. While trying to jump through one of the open tunnels, he hit a wall and fell.


It turned out that there was lava flowing in the hole in which he found himself. However, the player did not start burning, and it all turned out to be due to the spider web that stood in his way. As a result, he was able to first block the lava and then destroy the spider web to fall safely on the placed stone.

It must be admitted that the situation is really interesting because it is rather difficult to find any meaningful use for the spider web. However, as you can see, even it has found its place in the square world.