The Minecraft player spent a whole year on this. He recreated Tatooine known from the Star Wars universe

The planet known from Star Wars has been transferred to Minecraft.

Minecraft builders have had the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity or skills more than once. Some create impressive buildings not following any existing examples, and some try to recreate those known from popular movies or games, and both tasks are not easy.

One of the players decided to recreate part of the world known from the Star Wars universe. How do players comment on the performance of the desert city known from the planet Tatooine?

Tatooine in Minecraft

A user with the nickname dillyg10 has published a video that shows a huge city from the planet Tatooine known from the Star Wars universe. The size of the entire construction is  4,000 by 4,000 blocks.


As you can see, the player not only created many characteristic elements that could be seen during the screening but also recreated a track on which you can race with the vehicles known from the movie.

In addition, in the comments, you can find the author’s statements that inform about special mobs presenting the inhabitants of the city.

I’ve created some working mobs that look like townspeople from Star Wars. Perhaps I will share them later :).

Dillyg10 also created a server running version 1.17.1 with the IP address You can join it to see the city in person.

Below is a full map that can allow you to find yourself in the world built by the player.

The project is extremely impressive, and the server where you can get to know the Minecraft world of Star Wars up close is constantly being developed.