Soccer in Minecraft. It is cubic, just like blocks, but it “works”

What Minecraft players are able to create with commands?

Minecraft is a great game in which there are a lot of possibilities to be creative. It is also known for a long time that the production of Mojang is very popular in the modding community. Initially, numerous modifications were made to the game, and now fans have many tools at their disposal in the base game that allow them to create amazing things.

More than once, we’ve heard about the impressive things that have been recreated in the game with what is available in it. For example, the Nintendo Switch, on which the player could play Mario.

This time, one of the players managed to recreate simple physics that works on the ball when it is kicked. What does it look like?

Soccer in Minecraft

A user with the nickname Dominexis shared a short clip showing what a soccer in Minecraft could look like.


This caught the attention of many Mojang fans and many of them asked for a pack link. At the moment, there is no such possibility, but the author informs that it will appear soon. He also wrote on how the ball can be controlled.

It is all based on how fast you’re moving and in what direction relative to the ball, and if the spherical hitboxes of the player and ball ever collide. If they do, it applies a force to the ball. It also applies forces to the ball from friction with the floor, and the Magnus effect from it spinning in the air.

There were also comments that joked about the shape of the ball. This is because, like nearly everything you can find in Minecraft, it is a cube.