Minecraft developer explains why 1.18 changed the way mobs appear

At the end of November, Mojang released the biggest update in the history of the game. This also influenced the appearance of hostile mobs.

On November 30, developers decided to introduce update 1.18 to Minecraft, entitled Caves and Cliffs Part II. This update was by far the largest in the game, which of course changed the world of this production a lot and also influenced technical issues. We are talking about mobs here because the developers changed the way they appeared in the game. Moreover, the creators of MC commented on this decision and explained it on their official YouTube channel.

Why has the spawn pattern of hostile mobs changed?

After the release of Update 1.18 in Minecraft, most hostile mobs require complete darkness to be able to respawn. This is for a light level of 0, whereas in the past this could have been a level of 7 or less. A video was posted on the official Minecraft channel in which the developers explain why the team decided to change the way hostile mobs appear.

As you can learn from the material below – Mojang made changes to mobs, because according to them, the appearance of hostile creatures at dark level 7 caused situations in which, after building a house, players forgot to illuminate the edges of the building, and thus a whole lot of opponents appeared in it.


In short, Mojang wanted a single torch to be enough to light up a room. This change took literally a few minutes and made the gameplay significantly more enjoyable.