After update 1.18, what’s the best way to look for diamonds in Minecraft? What height is the most optimal?

Where is the best place to look for diamonds after updating to version 1.18?

Finding one of the most requested resources in the game has never been difficult, but it can take some time. The player needs 24 diamonds for full armor and a few additional diamonds for tools.

In addition, it is worth stocking up on them because, among other things, both the armor, the pickaxe or the sword can wear out, and the additional equipment can be used for enchanting attempts. Minecraft players, therefore, need much more diamonds than it might initially seem. Where are the best places to look for them after update 1.18?

The most appropriate height to search

Minecraft players have for many years associated one height as the best one for diamond hunting. Due to the characteristics of the map generator and the function assigned to diamonds, the search for diamonds ended best around the height of y = 12. As you know, update 1.18 mixed up a lot and the game world has changed significantly. Both build limits have been increased. Players can now climb 63 blocks below y = 0 level.

Diamonds now appear from y = 14 all the way to the bottom of the world, which is y = -63. The lower you go, the greater the chance of getting diamonds. So they are much more scattered around the world than before.

The optimal height is y = -58. This is a place where you will not find bedrock yet, which is the foundation of the world, which would make it difficult to create straight tunnels. One player compared how many diamonds he managed to get in an hour on version 1.17 at the well-known y = 12 height and on version 1.18 at y = -58. The newer version of the game gained a significant advantage – it is 160 diamonds compared to 102 in the previous update.

The trick that used clay generated in the swamps will not work anymore. The world generator has been heavily reworked and it is no longer possible to find a relationship between the two deposits that interest players.

A great way to get diamonds in version 1.18 is also exploring caves. Although Mojang made most of the deposits not adjacent to the air, the dungeons in the latest update are so large that you can still find the desired resource relatively often.