Amazing spiral parkour map for Minecraft with 40+ levels. Are you looking for a challenge?

One of the users has created a great map that has made its way to the official Minecraft store.

Parkour in Minecraft is one of the forms of entertainment that will never get boring for some fans. Each subsequent map presents a new challenge. It can be interesting both visually and mechanically, thanks to the use of the properties of individual objects or blocks.

A great example is maps that used the popular Create () modification. Moving elements have proved to be perfect as map fragments that the player has to get through in the shortest possible time.

One of the types of parkour in Minecraft is spiral maps, named after the player runs around the tower, attracting players’ attention with their unique design and diversity. What does the map presented by one of the players look like?

Great spiral parkour map

A user with the nickname TheGabricraft shared the trailer of the parkour map, which contains over 40 different levels.


The map is really huge and the number of levels is impressive. The author admits that he spent over 4 months creating it, and getting into the Minecraft Marketplace is a great achievement for him.

Spiral Caves Parkour is only available to players of the Bedrock version and the developer informs that this will not change.

I created a map for the Minecraft Marketplace! This is a new accomplishment in my life! I’m so excited!

for those who want the map for java, I understand the publishers that made this map possible won’t let me release it for free… I wish

The map is available only in the Microsoft store, which may discourage a large number of players, but nevertheless, it is really impressive. You can find it at this link, and the purchase involves an expense of 660 Minecoins.