After 8 years, this Minecraft easter egg that was long forgotten by everyone was repaired

A lot of different things have been fixed in Update 1.18. Some of them are obvious, others would probably never be known.

There are many different easter eggs associated with animals in Minecraft. Some are well-known, others were quickly forgotten by people. One of the easiest to make, but also the most interesting secrets is the fact that you can change them with their names.

Microsoft said it’s time to fix one of these tags after these few years. Specifically, this is about “Dinnerbone”, a tag that makes a mob “roll over”.

Repair after 8 years

Why right now? This is completely unknown, but in update 1.6 in 2013, several easter eggs related to naming mobs were introduced. They were:

  • “jeb”,
  • “Toast”,
  • “Johny”.

And Dinnerbone. There was a problem with the latter, the mobs that were so named turned upside down looked only at the ground.

It started to bother someone, as this was fixed in Update 1.18 and now mobs maintain eye contact with players. Slight change, practically undetectable under normal conditions.

Does it look a bit “creepy”? Of course.