Is it worth updating Minecraft to version 1.18? Seeds for testing updates without worrying about the world

Players can already update Minecraft to version 1.18, but many people warn that in some cases it can be fatal.

1.18 is definitely one of the more interesting and definitely better updates that have come out. It completely changes the terrain, adds a lot of interesting additions. However, it is worth knowing that the update has its problems.

Many people complain that their old worlds have simply been broken. The players give examples, saying that if you care about a world, it is worth waiting for a moment with updating it or making a backup.

Minecraft 1.18 available to download

Since the release of the update, there have been a lot of topics on Reddit alerting the community, so it’s worth taking some extra precautions. Especially if you’ve been working on a project for years.

To make a copy of your world, just go to:

  • Run,
  • %appdata%,
  • Roaming,
  • Minecraft,
  • Backups/Saves.

And copy the gameplay record that interests us. It is not too difficult, and it can literally save your life. The only question is how long will it take to be able to enjoy the new version of Minecraft to the fullest since the community has been complaining about the corruption, not so much of mods as of the terrain.

If you are looking for seeds to establish a new world and test update 1.18, you can choose one of these:

  • Seed 1: 1627969051
  • Seed 2: 1137461630
  • Seed 3: 264846414
  • Seed 4: 991919396
  • Seed 5: 136502789
  • Seed 6: 1485988664
  • Seed 7: -896210188
  • Seed 8: -2055721043
  • Seed 9: 883781615
  • Seed 10: 1127836794

People recommend them very much, for various reasons, most often it is dictated by non-standard terrain.