Minecraft players just got very irritated. Due to this change, some people cannot play at all

Minecraft players are very vocal when it comes to situations where things go wrong.

Microsoft, which is currently responsible for Minecraft, said that it is now offering players a new launcher. This fact alone raised doubts, which is why many people were looking for an option to disable the red message about the need to change the launcher version.

It turns out that for many people the transition to the new version has been so disastrous that they cannot play normally. There is a very large limitation in all of this that Microsoft does not mention.

You don’t have internet? You won’t play

Minecraft in single-player mode does not need an Internet connection. This means that you can play on a laptop without the Internet when you are on vacation for example. In the new version of the launcher, it becomes impossible.

If you don’t have the Internet and you want to play Minecraft, it will be impossible for you. After turning on the launcher, a message that the game cannot be played will appear in the lower-left corner.

It is very possible that this will be changed. Players clearly let the developers know that it shouldn’t work this way, as it greatly restricts Minecraft’s capabilities.

It is not extremely problematic on a daily basis, but there will probably be one day when your ISP has technical problems and you come up with the idea of playing Minecraft – after all, the single-player mode does not require the Internet. In this situation, it will not be possible.