Steve’s unknown look in Minecraft. This is what the 4 characters Mojang introduced for 2 days looked like

Mojang used really strange mechanics to test their solutions.

Minecraft characters have their own very distinctive appearance. This was not always the case, however. In the Java version, marked as “0.31 20100130”, four NPCs were added to the game to test new solutions.

It would not be surprising if it were not for the appearance of these characters. They were:

  • Rana,
  • Another version of Steve,
  • Beast Boy,
  • Black Steve.

It is said that in this way the studio tested more interesting, more complex characters. Why?

What did the other versions of the NPC look like?

First, Steve. Everyone knows exactly what he looks like today. For 2 days you could play with this look:

You can see immediately that this is a completely different style. The next characters only prove that Mojang in 2010 was trying a lot of new things.

These were strange times when no one has yet thought about where Minecraft will be in 2021. It’s been 11 years since these mobs were introduced.

It’s not entirely clear what Mojang wanted to achieve by introducing mobs like this that were playable.

It is known for certain that these were removed only 2 days after their introduction. The mobs didn’t really hurt the players, they just existed, but didn’t play any important role.