For 7 years, Minecraft players may have stumbled upon this unique bug with the chest, but few have seen it

Everyone knows what a chest looks like in Minecraft, theoretically, there is nothing interesting about it.

The basic knowledge of every Minecraft player is that chests can be made of one or two parts, and it ends there. This is not entirely true. For many years in the game, you could meet, or even create yourself, much more complex chests.

It looked strange, but it did the job. Moreover, it was extremely rare, but still, such a sight could be found in your survival world.

How is it possible?

Over the years, players have been able to safely create larger chests than Mojang anticipated. It was enough to know the bug with the water. Thanks to it, it was possible to make really extensive storage systems for items.

And while it worked, it wasn’t as good as you might expect. Mainly because Mojang has never created an interface for more than 2 chests. As a result, the UI with 4 of them just bugs.

However, it retains its functionality. Mojang fixed that at one point, but it didn’t mean the end of triple chests at all. In extremely rare conditions, when a dungeon and an abandoned mine coincided in time, it was possible to encounter such a sight:

The bug that allows you to get more chests has been in Minecraft for 7 years. Hardly anyone has ever encountered it in the game. Finally, Mojang fixed a bug in the update marked as 1.13, in 2018.