Minecraft players have found a new way to fill large “holes” with water very quickly

Minecraft players are constantly discovering interesting ways to slightly cheat the game and its mechanics.

With a community as large as Minecraft has, it’s impossible to keep track of everything. Players constantly surprise developers who are more and more impressed by the creativity of those who play their game.

This time there is a method that many people will definitely use. It allows you to fill large surfaces with water. You don’t need a lot of time for this.

How to quickly fill something with water?

The longest activity on the solution a Reddit user “Jossen1” has found is finding blocks of ice. Then it will go smoothly because you just need to set them in the right way and take advantage of Minecraft’s imperfections.


This method became quite popular, so Microsoft must have seen it. The developers probably already have this written on their Needs to be fixed list. However, still relatively few people know about it, of course, on the scale of the entire game community.