How to get rid of Minecraft blocks that you want to remove faster and how to find resources easier?

How can moss help you find resources or get rid of too much stone?

Minecraft is characterized by a world that is made up of an almost infinite number of cubes. Players have at their disposal tools made of various raw materials that work well in destroying individual blocks. An axe can handle wood and boards, a shovel does the trick when it comes to dirt or gravel, and a pickaxe can deal with any kind of stone.

However, mining each block takes a certain amount of time, which depends on the raw material used to create the tool or the enchantments that are placed on it. Initially, players may have trouble extracting larger amounts of stone. Especially when you take into account the fact that Deepslate gets destroyed much slower than the so far ubiquitous ordinary stone.

In addition, the method presented below is very effective when looking for diamonds or other raw materials. What is it about?

How to get rid of stone faster?

A user with the nickname soldofpol13 shared a short clip where he shows how moss growth can help you deal with the stone faster. In the past, this method could have been used to remove Bedrock, which could lead to a hole leading into empty space.


Interestingly, the spreading moss does not destroy the valuable blocks that the player might want to extract in their original form. This can help you find diamonds and other valuable resources underground.

It takes longer to mine Deepslate than the stone previously found in the dungeons, and the new map generator has made the more valuable resources appear much lower (After update 1.18, what’s the best way to look for diamonds in Minecraft? What height is the most optimal?).

A method that uses moss and bone meal can allow you to quickly get through the ubiquitous Deepslate in the dungeons. Diamonds are less likely to collide with air, and the world generator replaces most of the ore that would be visible to the naked eye. Extracting the top layer of the stone can reveal many deposits, and moss can help significantly.

Of course, the method will be more useful when the player does not yet have an enchanted pickaxe made of diamond or netherite. At this stage of the game, blocks are destroyed so quickly that using moss to destroy the environment may be unprofitable.