It can be done now in Minecraft without any mods. And it looks incredible

How do falling blocks look like that can interact with each other in unmodified Minecraft?

Snapshot 23w06a, which just hit Minecraft, doesn’t make any direct changes to gameplay, but quite a few new features are coming to players who use commands and play around with bending the game’s rules. One of the most interesting changes concerns summoned objects, which can now be rotated. How did one player decide to take advantage of this?

Realistic physics in Minecraft

Until now, if you wanted to get Minecraft realistic, it was necessary to use modifications. The most popular of these is the Physics Mod, which allows you to do virtually anything. It adds realistic snow to the game, in which you leave footprints, makes physics work on blocks, and recently there has been a lot of buzz about the oceans and the waves that can be found on them.

A user with the nickname PatboxPL published a short clip in which he summons blocks that are not only affected by physics but also interact with each other, bouncing off each other.


Something like this was until recently almost impossible without the use of any add-ons. However, the latest snapshot has made it possible, and what’s more, it can be used on multiplayer servers without players who join the game having to install anything.

Fans pointed out that the default-created objects do not have working physics. The author admitted that he added it using the rayon and polymer libraries. However, this does not affect the fact that the whole thing is compatible with the vanilla client, so the solution can further be used by server developers.