This is what maximum fast building in Minecraft looks like, using tape

The very fast building is especially useful in mini-games. During normal play, it is unlikely to be anything worth bothering with.

Some time ago we wrote about a Pole who broke the record in clicks per second. This mechanic is very popular in Minecraft, where people in specific situations have to build really fast.

Changing the mouse from an ordinary one to one that allows fast clicking is not difficult. All you really need is a tape and some practice using the right button.


What is it used for?

The tape is used in mini-games that require fast movement, for example, between specific islands. People do it abstractly fast. In contrast, it’s hard to find a meaningful use for a normal game that doesn’t require competition.


It is certainly something that can be a cool curiosity. Especially if one is interested in the topic. One can then break records, enter a community dedicated to fast clicking, etc.