How does one Minecraft player envision The End? A completely different land

One player shared his vision of End, which can be seen in the game thanks to a modification.

The End is the last of the lands to be added to Minecraft. Despite the Nether update, which may currently look really fresh, it is older than End, which according to many players now performs quite poorly.

The dimension hit the game in the 1.0.0 update, but its current form didn’t appear in the game until version 1.9, which was released in 2016. Despite the not-so-distant date, The End is monotonous and simply empty in comparison with the refreshed Nether. How does one Minecraft fan imagine this land?

What could The End look like?

The End currently consists of one main island with obsidian towers with crystals that strengthen the dragon as it fights back. In the middle is a portal through which one can return to the ordinary world after winning a battle.

Besides, End is known for its flying islands, where you can find cities with really powerful items and, most importantly, Elytra – wings that allow you to glide and, combined with fireworks, fly.

Other than that, however, it’s really empty out there, and the Nether update showed fans what a diverse place a revamped world could become. User Most-Satisfaction439 showed how he envisions End.


The new biomes, structures, creatures, and fine-tuned details really positively surprised players, who said that the whole thing looks sensational. There were also comments about the fact that what can be seen in the video is most likely better than what Mojang will introduce in the future. Players begrudgingly admit that the developers are releasing new features too slowly and there are simply not enough of them.

The author shared a link to download a modification called “The End Reimagined: The Nowhere,” which can be found here. It requires the Forge installer for version 1.16.5.