How do you bring Ender Dragon in Minecraft to a regular world without cheats?

One Minecraft player has found a way to bring a dragon to Overworld.

The Ender Dragon is the ultimate boss in Minecraft, having been introduced to the game some time ago with its land, Elytra, and cities. Players usually associate the dragon only as an opponent that must be defeated in order to move on to neighboring islands in search of wings, significantly affecting gameplay.

However, one player decided to see if there was a way to bring Ender Dragon to Overworld without using commands or cheats. Remarkably, he succeeded, as he showed in a clip published online. How can this be accomplished?

Dragon in Overworld

A user with the nickname TreyOvard has published a video showing how to bring Ender Dragon to the regular world. The method is relatively complex and requires some time and patience. However, it does not require the use of any commands or creative mode, so it is an achievement of sorts.


To begin with, you need to reach the build limit and place the End Stones in the locations listed in the video on Reddit. Then you need to destroy all the End Crystals except one, which you should keep until the dragon perches in the bedrock fountain.

At this point, the dragon will slow down and it will be possible to move it with the help of the machine from Redstone to the nearest End island. Then you need to return to the main island, where a new Ender Dragon will automatically appear. After defeating the second dragon, you need to fly back to the first dragon and push it to the main island through the portal that opens after defeating the second dragon.

Fans have discussed that bringing Ender Dragon into the regular world is quite interesting and how a way to collect all the creatures can be used to show them off. The author of the post hopes that this method will not be patched in update 1.20 and that players will be able to create new types of builds involving the dragon.

Although the video is very short and the method complicated, players appreciated the author of the entry for deciding to share the discovered method with the Minecraft community.