A modification that brings the Super Mario 64 game engine to Minecraft. The effect may surprise you

Mario gameplay in the world of Minecraft. One of the players created an amazing modification that allows you to do a lot.

Minecraft is such a popular production in the modding community that you can find almost anything in it. You could read about new mobs or changes to the basic elements of the game many times, but one of the players managed to create something even more impressive. The mechanics from Super Mario 64 have been transferred to Minecraft.

The enormous possibilities of the mod

Super Mario 64 is one of the older installments of the series, which does not need to be introduced to anyone. The player takes on the role of a plumber and goes through the levels, the passage of which is not as easy as it might initially seem.

The game has many complex levels that require quick reaction and cleverness from the player, but after completing them, there is really nothing to do. A player with the nickname dylanpdx has created a mod that transfers Mario’s moves to Minecraft. In this way, it gave fans virtually unlimited possibilities in creating maps.


There are already a lot of possibilities, and in combination with the mod that allows you to move as Mario with the Create mod, which adds many mechanisms that introduce mobile platforms, it will actually be possible to accurately reconstruct the original production and significantly expand it.